4 August, 2022 12:37

Internet connectivity to 445 Village Panchayats in Sivagangai District by Tamil Nadu Piper Net Corporation:
District Governor:


Tamil Nadu Viber Net Corporation internet service equipment installed in Kalaiyarkoil District Center Service Building at Kalaiyarkoil Panchayat Union Office, Sivagangai District and the development works being carried out in the areas under Kalaiyarkoil localityIn this regard, District Governor P.Madhusudhan Reddy, visited and studied.During the inspection, internet services being installed in Kalaiyarkovil panchayat union office, infrastructural facilities such as drinking water facilities, toilet facilities, electricity facility, building maintenance perimeter wall, community center, prime minister to be carried out in Balavur panchayat union middle schoolVillage Roads Project Madurai Thondi Road, Vaniangudi Road road construction works being carried out at an estimated cost of Rs.166.77 lakhs, and the residential areas of the Tamils ​​living in the camp in Gauripatti were inspected.
During the inspection, the District Collector said:
In Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu government projects and its benefits are not only being provided to the public, but development work is being carried out rapidly in all parts of the district.
Knowing the needs of the public, the government should take measures so that all the necessary certificates are easily available, all the services are computerized and made available through the internet service.
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Work has been started to connect all village panchayats with panchayat unions and panchayat unions with district headquarters through fiber optics. In order to provide all services to the public through internet services in 445 panchayats under 12 panchayat unions in Sivagangai district. Website
Installation of equipment for service is in progress.
In its first phase, the work of connecting Kalakanmai, Velangulam, Vitaneri, Vetriyur and Kalayarkoil panchayat council offices from Kalayarkoil panchayat union office is in progress. In this, steps will be taken to provide Internet speed of 1 gigabyte without fail
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In connection with these, a study was carried out regarding the internet service equipment installed in the District Center Service Building in Kalayarko. The departmental officers have been instructed to carry out these works properly and complete them in all areas as soon as possible and put them into use.
146 males and 152 females belonging to 106 families are living in the residence of Tamils ​​living in Chennalakudy camp in Gauripatti.
There are 35 individual toilets, 2 bathrooms and 8 drinking water tanks.
At present, 24 damaged houses with less habitable space have been identified and new houses are being constructed
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Under the All Schools Infrastructure Development Project, the department officials have been instructed to complete the works of Balavur Panchayat Union Middle School and the road construction work being carried out in Natarasankottai as soon as possible and bring it to use, the district saidGovernor p.Madhusudhan Reddy, EAP, said.
During the inspections, Kalaiyarkovi district officers Uma Maheshwari, Uma, Jayanthi, District Development Officers Sathyan, Rajeshwari, Panchayat Mandr.
Leaders Panchamirtam, Shanmugam and many others participated.

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