Thenur public complient:

Public complains of individual domination in the village public temple:


Alakumalaiyan Temple is located in Thenur, Madurai District. The name of this ancient temple is said to have been used to raise funds in the outlying areas. The people of the area complain that the paddy drying field used by the villagers is being occupied and the stage is being obstructed. In this regard, the Madurai District Collector has personally requested that an inquiry be held and action be taken to ensure that the village public worship is not disrupted and that the public paddy field is not affected in any way.
In this regard, the former Panchayat Council of Thenur
Chairman Sonamuthu says:
The Alakumalaiyan Temple in Thenur is about 300 years old.
I have been taking care of these temple responsibilities from my charge for the last few months. Currently, the individual is working on the temple site, overcoming the stage and the paddy field.
Also, he built a hall near the temple and stayed in it.
Therefore, the District Collector has personally visited and asked that action be taken to make the space used by the individual available for public use.
The current Panchayat President Balu says:

In Thenur, there were complaints that an individual was using the stage in front of the Alakumalaiyan temple and the nearby paddy field.
He visited the spot and duly informed the authorities and said that the work has been suspended due to their arrival

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